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Wrapped Cabochon Possibilities in Chain Maille!

Our wrapped cabochons make any necklace unique! You can give your necklace a different look
and every cabochon is different, like a beautiful gem! Malachite, hematite, pietersite, charoite,
tiger's eye, and more are available, which is your preference?
When you order a wrapped cab necklace, bracelet or ring, you don't have to settle for what's shown.
Here are a few examples of what have been done with these exceptional stones:

Move the mouse over the item you are interested in for a description of the piece.
You may click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.
Any questions may be forwarded to Hwkwlf @ yahoo . com

Wrapped Cabochons Add Beauty and Color!
Wrapped cabochon choker with a blue pietersite cabochon
Blue Pietersite
Beautiful purple charoite wrapped cabochon choker
Red tigers eye wrapped ring
Red Tiger's eye
Tiger's eye wrapped ring
Tiger's Eye
wrapped pietersite pendant on forars kaede necklace
Pietersite in golds, browns, and reds
A close up of a fraction of the beautiful colors available in pietersite cabochons
Another Pietersite Specimen
Nine cabochon wraps commissioned for pendants and necklaces
Many cuts of pietersite,a mahogany obsidian, and dendritic agate
Stunning gold fill wrapped malachite cabachon
Silver bracelet with seraphinite stone
Spiral necklace with wrapped amber cabochon pendant.
Interesting wrapped tiger's eye on a spiral necklace
Tiger's Eye
One of my favorites! A beautiful dendritic agate I've named 'winters eve'
Another type of dendritic agate
Earrings with wrapped tiger iron cabochons
Tiger Iron (Tiger's Eye in Hematite)
Pretty springtime colors! Tree agate cabochon on a japanese weave necklace
Green Moss Agate
Hematite wrapped ring, a real fan favorite!
A full necklace of wrapped cabochons!
Lucite Mixed Cabochons
Unique oblong wrapped tiger's eye ring
Tiger's Eye
Our draped cabochon necklace with the very spring themed rose quartz
Rose Quartz

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